Creative Direction, Web Design, Photography & Motion.

ARTHA - A Wellness Sanctuary

We were initially approached by the founders of ARTHA to photograph a clean library of facility and service images for their web and social archive. Stunned by the facility and services, we quickly identified their unique potential to lead the highly competitive Los Angeles health and wellness market.

Reconsidering the original request, we presented a concept centralized around a 1 min motion piece which this responsive client approved enthusiastically.

ARTHA is a members-only sanctuary so our approach was to balance aspiration and accessibility. We felt it stronger to elevate ARTHA as a personal space, granting access as a voyeur into the private member experience.

We chose one central connective theme, skin. All aspects of the ARTHA experience revolve around skin, body and touch so framing was exclusively medium and close-up, intimately passing through the full ARTHA experience. 

Our ongoing client relationship has grown from photography and motion into a city wide outdoor campaign and a full brand re-design.

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